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Frequently Asked Question

To fully support our customers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of the most frequently answered questions. Take a look below, and if your question isn’t covered, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Package Delivered

When will my order ship?

We ship dahlia tubers in the SPRING once temperatures remain above freezing. Tubers are sensitive to the cold and can only put in the mail once the danger of freeze has past. Generally we can expect this to happen in the Montreal area mid April. 

We ship peony roots in the FALL. We dig and divide peonies once they have reached a state of dormancy. We usually begin the first week of September and shipping continues until Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. You'll recieve a shipping confirmation once it has shipped. 

What is a bare root?

We ship bare root peonies. All of the past year's foliage has been removed, the root is washed of soil, and chopped into divisions with 3-5 eyes. 

A root division bearing at least 3-5 eyes is all that is required in order to have a successful transplant. Depending on the cultivar it takes 3-4 years to mature into a large plant, but this is also true of transplanted potted peony. 

By buying a bare root peony from a specialized nursery, you'll have more choice of variety, from people who really know peonies. 

Peony roots divided
Krinkled White Peony

Can we visit your farm?

We are closed to the public. We are currently in transition between two properties, therefore visits and public openings are impossible. We are working towards having a few open weekends in our Brownsburg field in 2023

When do catalogues open?

Peonies are available to purchase beginning in April. We send out a notice by email. Catalogue closes in October. We ship across Canada and the USA.  

Dahlia catalogues will now be open for purchasing in March, once we have successfully overwintered our stock, and can take an accurate inventory. Catalogue closes once sold out. We ship within Canada only. 

A la Mode Dahlia
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