Yellow Emperor - Itoh Peony

Yellow Emperor - Itoh Peony

SKU: 17-073

(Smirnow, 1974)


Yellow Emperor has performed very well here year after year and I’m offering it as a more modestly priced alternative to Garden Treasure. The colour is just as dramatic, the flowers as well formed and the plant is about the same size. The major difference being the number of flowers produced per plant. Yellow Emperor is less floriferous than Garden Treasure but it does bloom reliably and beautifully.  It’s also a piece of history because it was one of the first four such peonies originated by Toichi Itoh in Japan that were later introduced American Louis Smirnow in the 1970s.


Height: <60 cm

Fragrance: Good

Sidebuds: 1 to 2 per stem

Staking Required: no

Bloom Week: 5

  • Our Guarantee

    Our promise is to provide you with healthily grown root divisions, with 3-5 eyes, and true to name. We take great care in packaging your roots so they arrive in perfect planting condition. If for any reason, during shipping, your package is not to your satisfaction, please send a photo within 48 hours, and we will either replace your order or refund you. 

    Since planting conditions, and other variables are outside of our control, we cannot guarentee roots once they have been planted. 

  • A Note on Observations

    Observations of height, side buds, and staking are from Hudson, Quebec (zone 5a) grown in full sun, in a clay based soil. In different environments plants will perform slightly different. Instead of 1 to 2 side buds per stem, you may have none. If growing in slightly shadier environment, your peony may require staking. The observations are meant as a general guide, in how your peony should perform in optimal planting. In the case of fragrance, these are observations based on personal sniff tests in the field, we must bear in mind our olfactory senses are all different.