Dahlia Variety Pack

Dahlia Variety Pack

SKU: 202-049

Once a plant has bloomed in the field, we tag it as a verification that it is correctly identified. This year, because of our unsual growing year, a lot of our plants did not bloom.


Since they haven't been verified, I do not feel certain enough to sell them for what they could be. 


So! Here's the deal


In the variety pack, you get 5 tubers, unlabelled, sold at a low cost per tuber. To make it more interesting, I mixed all the tubers together, so you'll get a real mix of colours. 


If you would like, they can be identified when they bloom. 




  • Return Policy

    All dahlia tubers are hand inspected, and deemed acceptable upon shipping. We guarantee one eye per tuber. If tubers arrive within unacceptable conditions, please notify us within 2 days of receiving your package, with photo evidence and we will discuss compensation. We only claim responsibility on the shipped product, as once they are planted there are too many variables out of our control to ensure proper growth.

  • Delivery Policy

    We offer shipping within Canada only. No international orders at this time. Shipping begins when nighttime temperatures remain above freezing, generally late April. Local deliveries are available earlier if requested. See local delivery area.