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Hey There Fellow Flower Lovers

En Fleurs started as a little hobby the year I was pregnant with our first child. I was working on a peony farm that was retiring,  and was encouraged to grow anything. I started with a small patch of  dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, and of course was welcomed to cut as many peonies my arms could handle. 

I sold cut flowers for a few years, but when the opportunity arose to buy my old peony friends I had tended to in the past, I grabbed it. Suddenly a peony farm, and instantly hooked. 

I am adamant that a business must work for me, and not I for a business. Peony farming, while in no measure an easy job, was far less pressure on our growing family than a field of cut flowers that had multitudes of harvesting times, and different growing demands for each plant. Specializing for me at least, was easier, and as of 2022, I let the cut flowers go. 

While peonies are where my heart is, our dahlia collection, and might I add obsession has been growing over the years. Once the peonies are done blooming, it's really nice to have another flower begin to bloom. Dahlias are generous, and bloom from July to frost, so there is lots of eye candy in our field all season long. 

Our Farm

Our farm is unfortunately CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Not that we don't want to meet you all, but visiting logistics is more than our busy lives can handle right now. 

Located in Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec, our little parcel of land is tucked away in the foothills of the Laurentian mountains. Our soil is beautiful clay loam, albeit a little on the rocky side. My family arrived from Scotland in 1832 and settled in Brownsburg. While our farm is not on the actual settlement, it's right around the corner. My grandparents started dairy farming, and my father and uncle after that. Today there is no cattle, but the fields remain cultivated, and I am grateful for all the tractor help that comes with it. 



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